Axe throwing is a great activity to get your heart rate up and have fun at the same time.

Rain or Shine

Axe throwing is the perfect activity for a day when the weather isn’t the best!

Group Outing

Bring a friend or 12 friends! The larger the group the more fun you can have!

What To Wear

When you come to Friendly City Axe Throwing, please wear clothes that you’re comfortable in.

Tip #1:

Ladies, please don’t wear heels. Even if the are closed toed, you’ll risk injury to yourself. We want you to have the best time possible, flats, casual or running shoes would be best.

Tip #2:

Gents, do not wear fitted shirts. While they look great, they make bad attire for axe throwing. They wont allow you to get the full range of motion to hit the bullseye.

A Comfortable Shirt

Make sure your shirt doesn’t tighten or create a barrier when you have both hands over your head. T-shirts are ideal, but comfortable long-sleeve shirts work too.

Pants Or Shorts

Wear what is most comfortable for you. Either one works well for us so it’s completely up to you.

Closed Toe Shoes

Running shoes are ideal. You’ll be on your feet a lot and you’ll be getting a bit of a workout. Wear runners, casual shoes but no sandals & no open toe shoes.

Axe Throwing is perfect for celebrating a special event, corporate outings or an evening out with friends! 

Booking Info

We now have two options for you to choose from for Axe Throwing. We have coached sessions and unguided sessions.

Our coached sessions are for groups that have participants that have not been axe throwing before and require coaching to learn and know the safety precautions. A member of our team will be there to assist throughout the duration of your event.

Our unguided sessions are perfect for groups that are made up of participants that have been Axe Throwing before. You can rent the lane and use the axes. A member of our team WILL NOT be at your lane the entire time during your event, but they will be available nearby should you have any questions or need any assistance.

  • Participants must be at least 16 years old
  • All participants must sign a waiver prior to participating
  • Bookings must be made at least 2 days in advance of event
  • Reservations can be changed with at least 2 weeks notice
  • You are welcome to bring food and any non-alcoholic beverages.
    If you wish to bring alcohol you must obtain a Special Occasion Permit from the LCBO. Special Occasion Permit
  • If you have any questions prior to booking please call or email us!

Coached Axe Throwing

Unguided Axe Throwing


Everyone enjoyed the night and some are even planning a return visit! Catherine

We had a great time at Friendly City Axe Throwing. Thank you so much! Susanna

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